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Ninja Designs is an Open Source web resource provider engaged in private sites, commercial sites and blogs. Ninja Designs offers free scripts to increase the usability of websites. We deliver user-friendly, powerful and creative solutions for webmasters. We provide friendly and quality customer service.

What we do

Founded in 2000 originally as Dayfox Designs, Ninja Designs has had over 8 years to mature and make it's mark on the internet. Besides downloadable scripts, Ninja Designs also provides a number of other services.

* Currently in beta.

We pride ourselves in maintaining style while not comprimising usability. Recognising internet trends is important to us.

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If you have a question about Ninja Designs, a product or service; or would like to request our services, please fill out the form below. If you have a query with a Ninja Designs product, please email direct to

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Ninja Designs Downloadables

Below are links and demos for Ninja Designs products.

Image of Flatchat


Version 4.0 / PHP & Ajax / NEW!October 2009

Flatchat is a PHP based chat room application Utilising ajax, Flatchat updates the chat content and users with no flicker. Flatchat has customisable settings, such as font colour and custom nicknames. Further administrative settings allow private messaging, custom avatars, printable conversations, password protected nick names, IP blocking and word filtering. Now rebuilt from the ground up! Flatchat has iPhone support.

Image of Mailist


Version 3.0 / PHP & Ajax / August 2008

Mailist is a PHP based subscription mailing list. A stylish interface, twinned with ajax, provides seamless additions with no page reloads. Mailist has customisable email headers and footers, back up options, download (txt or csv) and outbox. Demo Password: Demo.

Image of Ninja Blog

Ninja Blog

Version 4.8 / PHP / August 2008

Ninja Blog is a PHP based blogging solution. Based upon wordpress, Ninja Blog uses text files instead of a database to store data. Ninja Blog has customisable themes, What you see is what you get editing environment, dynamic RSS feed generation, Archives, Categories and a version checker. Ninja Blog also includes tools to upgrade from a previous installation of Ninja Blog or Dayfox Blog. Demo username: Demo; Password: Demo.